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CWMAs & Funding

CWMAs & Funding

One of SICIM's goals is to promote and support the formation of Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMAs) locally in the 35 county coverage area.  Toward this effort, we have compiled the following resources, including funding opportunities only available to CWMAs in our area.  For questions or more information please contact us at or 812-653-5563.  Our members would love to help guide you through the process



What is a CWMA?

CWMAs first became popular in the western US, but over the past decade have become more widespread in the eastern states, including the Midwest.  Sometimes called Coalitions, Partnerships, or Councils, CWMAs are formed to collectively combat the problem of invasive species spreading across the landscape.  CWMAs can very greatly in their geographic range, activity level, and focus, and are usually comprised of representatives from various governmental agencies, non-profits, and concerned citizens or citizen groups.  CWMAs have been shown to very effectively target invasive species problems by engaging local interests and addressing invasive issues across various land ownerships. 


The CWMA Cookbook

The Midwest Invasive Plant Network (MIPN) has worked to compile several resources for CWMAs, including a CWMA cookbook.  Follow the link to their website for tons of information and resources. 



SICIM CWMA Start Up Grant - $2,000

SICIM offers a one-time grant for new CWMAs in the 35 county area to start up.  The grant provides funding in the amount of $2,000 to be disbursed over a 3 year period ($1,000 the first year, and $500 in each subsequent year), as well as guidance and support toward this purpose.  To meet our own funding obligations, this grant does require a 1:1 match ratio.  We accept applications for this funding year round, and groups must complete the following application.  To help you with the process, we encourage applicants to contact SICIM or work with a SICIM member (, 812-653-5563).


Additional SICIM Funding

In addition to SICIM's CWMA Start-Up Grant, we are also on the lookout for other opportunities to Partner with or support invasive projects in our area, particularly CWMA projects.   If your group is pursuing a grant project and are looking for matching support, please contact us with the details and our Steering Committee will review it (, 812-653-5563).

Likewise, if you would like to seek SICIM funding for an invasive project in the area, and are not eligible for a CWMA Start-Up grant, please contact us.  The following grant application form is required for all non start-up funding requests, however we encourage you to speak with us, or a SICIM member, before completing the application.  Each funding request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 


External Funding Sources

CWMAs can utilize a combination of resources to carry out activities, including volunteer time, donations, partnerships, and grants.  We will be compiling information on financial resources such as grants and posting them here to help groups in their search.  Please check back soon.