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Weed Wrangle(R) Indiana

Weed Wrangle® Indiana


Slideshow of images from 2019 Weed Wrangle Indiana® events at: Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest, Tippecanoe River State Park, Lebline Woods Nature Preserve, Sullivan County Public Library, Indian Creek Trail in Corydon, Memorial Park in New Castle.

Schedule of 2019 Weed Wrangle Indiana® Events

So just what is a Weed Wrangle Indiana®?

Select image to view or download a PDF version of the complete Fall schedule.

Select image to view or download a PDF version of the complete Fall schedule.

Weed Wrangles are events hosted nationwide to gather volunteer effort to help control invasive plants that are negatively impacting our public parks, green spaces and natural areas. For instance, garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is a plant in the mustard family that is native to Europe that can harm our native plants and wildlife. In addition to eliminating our native plants, research shows that garlic mustard can be fatal to several butterfly species. For instance, the West Virginia white butterfly (Pieris virginiensis) is a rare species that lays eggs on plants in the mustard family. Butterfly eggs laid on garlic mustard do not survive. Community members learn to identify and control through hands-on removal of these invasive trees, shrubs, vines and plants.

Supervised by an expert, volunteers are learning across America to identify and manage invasive plants. We are hoping that by engaging our community members and challenging them to act in their own spaces we foster a collective effort to have a large and positive impact for our native plants and wildlife.

Please join us by attending a Weed Wrangle Indiana® in your area, and consider hosting one next year. You may contact Dawn Slack at for more information on how to host a Weed Wrangle Indiana®. You will not only learn about plants and wildlife, learn how to manage invasive plants but will also join a national effort to positively impact our communities.

And it’s fun! Just ask someone who has participated in a Weed Wrangle®. It’s a rewarding couple of hours spent with community members to show our appreciation for our green spaces and natural areas.