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Who are we?

SICIM, formally known as the Southern Indiana Cooperative Weed Management Area (SICWMA), was officially incorporated on August 12, 2008. Several non-profit groups saw a need to create a CWMA for Southern Indiana.  A number of public meetings across the area were held to gauge interest and set direction.  The consensus of these meetings was that a CWMA for Southern Indiana would be valuable and important – and that we should continue efforts to formalize a coalition.
Since then, many CWMAs have transitioned to the newer term CISMAs, or Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas, and began expanding to focus on a variety of invasive plant and animal species.  These groups are being formed across the U.S. as landowners, private groups and government agencies look for more effective ways to limit the growing economic and environmental damage caused by Invasive Species. Most CISMAs are coalitions of private and public organizations – sharing knowledge, people and other resources in an effort to improve public education, prevention and eradication/containment programs across a given geographic area.

In recent years, SICIM's goal has been to support the formation of local CISMAs within our 35 county region, most covering a single county (see our CISMAs & Funding section).  This goal also led to the our Indiana Invasives Initiative, where we are working with USDA-NRCS to create CISMAs across all of Indiana.  


Organizational Structure

SICIM is composed of five committees staffed by dedicated volunteers from Central and Southern Indiana.  Committees meet regularly at the National Forest Offices in Bedford, but many members support the organization from a distance.  At this time there is no full time staff employed by SICIM, and the organization is being run by volunteers.



Organization Development – Chery Coon (

Finance Committee – Allison Shoaf (

Communication Committee –Ray Chattin (

Executive Committee – Steve Cotter (

List of SICWMA/SICIM Chairs

Tom Tremain                                      2008

Tom Tremain                                      2009

Tom Tremain                                      2010

Tom Tremain                                      2011

Tom Tremain                                      2012

Janet Eger                                          2013

Beth Mizell                                          2014

Ray Chattin                                         2015

Steve Cotter                                       2016

Steve Cotter                                       2017


Steve CotterChair, Bloomington Parks and Recreation Manager

Allison Shoaf, Treasurer, Brown County SWCD, BCNWP Board

Will Drews, Secretary, Knox County SWCD, Know County CWMA


Cheryl R. Coon, Member, Hoosier National Forest-Botanist

Troy Hinkle, Member, Knox County SWCD

Jason Larson, Member, DNR - Division of Nature Preserves - Regional Ecologist

Ray Chattin, Member, IN Assoc. of SWCDs, Knox County SWCD

Mike Warner, Member, Arbor Terra Consulting

Abby Irwin, Member, IDNR - District Forester


SICIM is looking for any new members to our Steering Committee or subcommittees.  If you are interested, or would like to attend a meeting, please contact us and we will send you the details;, 812-653-5563

Local Support

Given the large area SICIM covers, local and regional partners provide the best knowledge and resources for the control and management of invasive species.  In many cases, local partners are existing organizations with landholdings in the area, or volunteer organizations with special interests in certain landscapes or species.  In other cases, SICIM helps organize new groups to address invasive species in a local area.  SICIM fosters cooperation and sharing of resources among our many partners organizations. 

Check back for an updated list of SICIM partners and supporters.  If your organization/agency is interested in joining the SICIM partnership, we invite you to contact us for more information at or 812-653-5563. 

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